How We Find Fast Ones

We have the ultimate performance evaluation tools to assess just how well a horse has performed and also their likely scope for improvement. Thorough research,mathematical methods and extensive experience helps us eliminate the element of luck

Free Ratings Everyday

Get the same ratings as our paying members for one meeting every day

Get ratings to help you find the fastest horses in each race

Easily identify runners which to back (and which to avoid)

Covering around 40 meetings per week for 1 low fee

Start using an exceptionally powerful punting tool

Start taking an advantage of having the hard work done for you

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  • We often find good priced winners that the market has overlooked.

  • We provide quality ratings for around 200 races each week, not just a handful of races on a Saturday.

  • Our dynamic ratings interface is simple to use and always accessible

  • We give you a true rated price for every horse in the race, not just the top 1, 2 or 3 runners.

Best of all - the subscription is very affordable considering the excellent value you get.