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Speedplus Admin

Here is how to put the odds in your favour

We can help you bet smarter because as a Speed Plus Ratings member you get the following benefits:

(1) Incredibly accurate rated prices that allow you to make informed betting decisions
(2) Entire field in rated order
(3) Covering around 200 races each week
(4) Available around 10am on raceday
(5) Fast and easy to use
(6) You dont need to do anything other than place your bets

Used by professionals and keen punters alike, the Speed Plus Ratings have an impressive track record of consistently finding value winners that other services and punters miss. Horse racing provides great value and enjoyment when you can tap into our accumulated racing knowledge and experience.

We have spent thousands of hours separating racing fact from fiction so that we can refine our winning edge. All of this data compilation, analysis and application helps you find the value runners. We consistently find horses that are are double overlays or better.

Putting the odds in your favour isn’t a matter of gambling.

We have the ultimate performance evaluation tools that accurately represent just how well a horse has performed and also their likely scope for improvement. The use of thorough research, mathematical methods and extensive experience helps us eliminate the element of luck.

Each Australian TAB meeting is rated and assessed so that every horse from every race can be assigned a ratings figure for that performance. Using our unique video replay, weights, margins, class and most importantly time analysis we can determine the performance of every runner. In laymans terms, these ratings are a numerical figure that displays how well a horse went on a given day. The higher the number, the better the run.

Historic ratings allow our team to easily and accurately compare horses across different classes, distances, states and track conditions. Success as a punter comes from being able to accurately line up the form from everywhere. How do you line up a well beaten 3rd in a Canterbury BM70 versus a Gosford maiden winner? Or a 0-89 Sandown win versus a Moonee Valley Open Handicap placing?

That is not easy without access to the same information our team is privvy to. Peak performances (or substandard wins for that matter) are not always easy to identify.

You can sign up to our Speed Plus Ratings to get easy access to the fastest horses in each race and the minimum prices needed to back them.