Yesterday’s Pro-Strategy re-cap

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The final betting day of the month for Pro-Strategy members was quite a good one with a profit of 17.77 units which is almost $900.

We bet into 21 races and managed to back 8 winners and 4 2nd’s.

Our total outlay was 42.7 units and we collected 60.47 units.

The winners:

Western Blaze $11
Slate On Edge $10
Castle Retreat $8.50
Magnus Reign $6
Chiquada $5.50
Religify $4.40
Kingdom Of Dreams $4
Our Boy Malachi $3.20

We finished the month of strongly but couldn’t make up the the previous horror fortnight and finished the month with a loss of 33.78 units.

Our profit stands at 117.61 units since we re-launched the Pro-Strategy package in March this year.

Check our betting sheet here

Our next Pro-Strategy betting day will be Wednesday at Canterbury.