Speedplus Admin

Our Pro-Strategy has evolved from analysing the proven key indicators that have enabled us to make the really big profits.

Pro-Strategy operates on Saturday’s, Wednesday’s, Carnivals and major Public Holiday meetings.

Pro-Strategy criteria:

Rated price below $5
All city venues
Distance: 900 – 2099 metres (no races of 2100m or over)
Going: Fast – Slow (no heavy tracks)
10-16 starters in the race

Pro-Strategy Release of information

We email all Members with our specific Pro Strategy selections, minimum price and recommended staking on each race day that we are operating.

Our tip sheet looks just like this (click to enlarge):

Pro Strategy example

Pro-Strategy Results:

Click here for our 2014 results (over $4100 profit).

(assuming $50 = 1 unit, outlay 1-3 units per race average)

Pro-Strategy – $25 (1 day)

Pro-Strategy – $149

Pro-Strategy – $349 (3 months)

Pro-Strategy has Profit Protection

Anyone taking out a 3-month Pro-Strategy package is covered by our Profit Protection.

Quite simply, if our Pro-Strategy is not showing a profit at the end of your 3 months then we will happily extend your membership for another 3 months at no cost.